Blight House & Back Roads & Hat Check

There's so much going on in the Troy Bodean Adventure world that it's hard to let my readers know about everything without feeling that I'm overwhelming them! So, here's a post to bring everyone up to date.

BLIGHT HOUSE - A Troy Bodean Adventure #3 is on Pre-order until August 26th for only .99 cents!! As a gift to my most loyal fans and readers, the entire, complete version of the book is available on Kindle until 8/26 for less than a buck. After which, it will be raised to it's retail price of $3.99. So, jump on that as soon as you read this.

BACK ROADS - A Troy Bodean Novella is a project I'm working on that will eventually become a collection of five short stories from the Troy Bodean world highlighting a stand-alone episode in some of my favorite characters own story line. These stories don't exactly fit into any of the novels, but they expand on some of the more fun characters' lives apart from Troy. CLICK HERE to read the entire first short about Troy called The Peppermint Hippo. This was fun because I decided to write it in 1st person - meaning as if I were Troy. I loved writing it and getting into his head for this and I think it's a fun little vignette that expands his character. Be sure to check it out in the next post and look for the complete version when it hits Amazon under the title - BACK ROADS - A Troy Bodean Novella (which incidentally will be permanently FREE to download forever!)

HAT CHECK - A Troy Bodean Adventure #1 - The book that started it all is FINALLY available in Audiobook format! I have had audiobooks done before, but I cannot believe how well this one came out. My narrator - Theo Holland would send me updates as he completed them and I found myself experiencing the story in a whole new, exciting, and hilarious way. To put it in a short phrase - HE NAILED IT! I always wondered what Troy's voice would sound like and now I know! Anyway, if you're an audiobook person like me, you owe it to yourself to check it out on Amazon and listen to the sample: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN. And if you sign up for a trial month on Audible - your first book, Hat Check, will be FREE!

Anyway, I hope you learned something new in this blog post. Be sure to read the next one, which will be the first short story from the upcoming title BACK ROADS - A Troy Bodean Novella. And go grab your copy of BLIGHT HOUSE - A Troy Bodean Adventure #3 before it goes up to $3.99! As always, thanks for reading!

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