Where is Troy Off to Next?

So, you've finished reading the exploits of Troy Bodean in Hat Check - A Troy Bodean Adventure and you find yourself wondering... where is Troy off to next?

In short, the answer is Key West, Florida. The ocean always seems to call to Troy, but this time it was his long, lost brother who gave him a ring. It seems that R.B. (Ryan Bodean) has come to own a small seaplane charter business ferrying customers to and from Fort Jefferson just off the coast of the bone key. And he happens to need a pilot.

What is Troy to do? Head South; all the way down to the Southernmost point in the continental United States.

It's during these short flights over to the island fort that Troy sees something... something in the water. Knowing that these waters are home to more Spanish shipwrecks than you can shake a stick at, he keeps it a secret from everyone.

Except for R.B. and Megan Simmons, an expert in diving.

What will they pull up from the depths of the ocean? Who else will be after it? How far will they go to keep it a secret? Find out in the forthcoming Troy Bodean Adventure - which I'm calling Ocean Blue as a working title.

Look for it in a few months. You won't want to miss it.

David F. Berens

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