Audio Books Are Awesome

I have a short drive to work in the mornings, but it's long enough to get a 15 minute listening session in on my latest audiobook. Currently, I've downloaded The Killing Floor by Lee Childs. It's the first in the Jack Reacher series... I just had to know what all the Jack Reacher fervor was about. I'm about a third of the way in and it's pretty good. Not sure I'll read more of them, but we'll see.

Before that, I was listening to the John Milton series by Mark Dawson. Those are a little more my speed, but I've sort of lost steam on them as well.

Anyway, I know how much audiobooks mean to me, as I rarely have time to sit down with a book and just read... so I listen! Recently, my book, Break Point: 9 Life Lessons from the Tennis Court was turned into an audiobook and WOW, that's a cool experience. [CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE AUDIBLE PAGE] To hear your characters come to life and listen to the story again is an amazing feeling. I love what John Alan Martinson Jr. has done with my book and I think you will too!

I have a few FREEBIE copies of the audiobook to give away. If you'd like one, please email me at to request a copy. All I ask is if you listen and enjoy, please leave me a review at Amazon and at Audible.

(And for you Dragon Reign fans, the audiobook is in production and I hope will be finished soon!!!)

Thank you kind readers!

David F. Berens

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