Waze, Maquest, Google Maps?

As unfortunate as it may seem, the heroes of Dragon Reign: Book 1 – The One Prophecy do not have the convenience of a GPS system to guide them through their adventures… and neither did the author when he was writing the first draft. Many of you will know that high fantasy often includes a map in the first few pages of the novel to help readers along with where Such and Such Mountain is or This and That River is, but I thought that was an afterthought… something the publisher or author threw in after the novel was complete to make the book look cool and so forth. What I learned very quickly as I went through my first rewrite was that I had characters traveling in directions that made little or no sense and many times, they were walking straight into each other when they should’ve been going in opposite directions.

So, before I could complete an accurate rewrite, I had to draw a map. Many story lines died to bring you this map… (Star Wars reference for the uninitiated.) Actually, in some cases, it caused major headaches and I had to rewrite some plots to fit into the new landscape. Yes, I pulled down references from my own library collection such as The Lord of the Rings and The Wheel of Time to see what constituted a good, high fantasy style map. Basically, it’s a lot of squiggly lines and some script-y writing for place names.

Speaking of place names, here’s an insight for loyal readers and maybe some new ones as well, The Ani’Thon River is a nod to my favorite author of fantasy (aside from the classics listed above) Piers Anthony.

So, enjoy and wonder… what could possibly be going on in this land???

Dragon Reign: Book 1 - The One Prophecy is available on Kindle and in Paperback on Amazon.com

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